Will China ban fireworks to improve air quality?

THAT seems to be the question on everyone’s minds during the recent Chinese New Year celebrations earlier this month.

According to a recent article published in The Atlantic, an American news magazine, many Chinese netizens had spontaneously advocated to stop setting off fire crackers before the festival as a response to the environmental haze.

“Entering middle age, I suddenly realize that the majority of my family consists of seniors and children. So although I’ve loved firecrackers since childhood, I decided to quit using them for the sake of both tranquility for my family and clearer air,” said one editor of a local daily.

“I request earnestly that everyone set off fewer firecrackers, and while doing it, try to keep your distance from seniors and children.”

The campaign appeared to have made a difference.

According to the Beijing Evening News (@北京晚报), sales of firecrackers dropped by 37 percent compared to last year, reported The Atlantic.

Using city sanitation bureau data, Beijing News (@新京报) reported that the quantity of firecracker dust was 18 percent lower than last year.

To read the full report, click here.



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