About AOM

AOM  is a Singapore company that wants to make friends everywhere. Our partners are spread all over – including in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and Turkey.

Together, we are a family of air treatment specialists on a global mission to help you get better quality air. We’re not like other businesses that treat only one aspect of your air problems – such as waste odors, or mold, for example.

Our value proposition is that our services encompass all aspects of clean-air living – from diagnostic air sampling tests, to air purifying, mold removal, odor control, and ambient scenting.

We believe that having an integrated and holistic view means we can more accurately diagnose your problem, and offer you a personalised, all-in-one solution.

What drives us is the belief that better air can significantly improve a person’s health and sense of well-being – whether at home or the office.

In many parts of the world, indoor air quality (IAQ) is also gaining widespread attention as a key indicator of green buildings & homes.


Touching lives and changing the world – one breath at a time

When it comes to doing business, protecting our clients’ health and commercial interests are the goals of every project we undertake. Having a nose for business means we do what needs to be done – with care and discretion.

That’s our philosophy at AOM. And we bet you’ll agree: You’ll live, work, and play your best – with better indoor air.


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