Why We’re Better

WE GET IT. There are other companies out there, probably with shinier websites and better looking photos, who say they can do a better job than us.

Respectfully, we disagree. Because we’ve done our homework – and it just isn’t true. But let’s have a clean fight. Rather than tell you the dirt we found on them, here’re five reasons why we think we’re better.

ONE. Our multi-disciplinary approach to addressing your concerns means we will always give you not just the best – but the right – solution for your indoor air quality needs.

We have air cleaners, purifiers, oxygen generators – the whole works. We not only treat odors but have a world-class system of scents and delivery mechanisms that can add what we like to call the “ooh and aah” to your brand. We also have a team of mold specialists – just in case what’s troubling your air is something more… alive.

TWO. As a company with roots in the local community, our network of partners and clients in the private and public sectors enable us to work seamlessly across different industries – from retail to industrial waste management.

We’ve been in this business long enough to know what issues you may be facing and what works for you. If your concerns are spread across different types of businesses, we’ve got that covered too. Because our clients range from professionals in hotels to restaurants, to homes and offices. Whatever your problem, we’ve got a solution.

THREE. Our global presence ensures you and your customers get only the best and most trusted R&D the world has to offer – right at your doorstep.

AOM is at its core a family business – because we treat all our staff and partners as family. And as a family, we love to share our best practices and new products that we think can better our clients’ air quality. The world today is so much smaller than it used to me. Why not embrace it? We have – and we hope you will too.

FOUR. With years of experience, we have the advantage of working fast – so you waste less time and resources. In today’s connected world, every second counts – and costs money.

Our team of experienced specialists won’t waste your time and will work with you quickly to formulate a solution for you. We pledge to answer your queries in 24 hours or less. Because you know what they say about time & money – same thing.

FIVE. We believe in empowering you with the latest news breaks about air quality so you can make the best decision about your health and business goals. Using social media tools to stay mobile & connected means you can always reach us 24/7.

That’s our quality service standard. This is why we’re better, and why when you work with us, you can breathe easy. We get the job done.


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