Air quality ‘below standard’ in most casino smoking areas

HERE’S another instance of a government cracking down on poor indoor air quality:

Macau’s Health Bureau has released the results of the first test on the air quality inside casinos four months after the implementation of the partial smoking ban in gaming venues.

Laboratory examinations show only 16 of the 44 gaming venues meet the full requirements. The other 28 venues all recorded one or more forms of pollutants above the tolerable level. These casinos will have to take improvement measures or risk having their smoking-area reduced.

The bureau conducted 1,000 checks on Macau’s 44 casinos and slot parlours between March 25 and 30. The partial smoking ban in casinos came into effect on January 1.

The testing focused on six indicators linked to tobacco smoke: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, fine particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, fine particles smaller than 10 micrometers, volatile organic compounds, and benzopyrene.

The average air quality in casinos’ smoking areas was 2.7 points – in a scale of 0 to 5 with five being the best. Air quality was somewhat better outside smoking areas: 3.3 points.

To read the full reports, click here and here.


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