OF ALL our senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of memory.Companies looking to provide a memorable positive experience for their clients have always relied on scents.

People say using a signature scent to burnish a brand is the sign of a sophisticated marketer. We agree, of course.

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you two of the most advanced air systems in ambient scenting and odor control: The Prolitec AirQ Delivery System, and Ecolo Solutions.

Both systems are fully customisable and computer-controlled, which means you can focus on other, more important business while they keep a nose out for trouble-causing odors.

Prolitec and Ecolo are two of the most trusted and enduring brands in the North American scenting and odor control industries, and we are proud to be their exclusive distributors in Singapore.

Our proprietary range of scents are all based on natural, plant-extracted essentials oils, and have been certified by laboratories and government health departments worldwide to be safe.


Nature by any other name would smell as sweet

Instead of masking the odors, these blends are specially formulated to bind and react naturally with specific odors to target and neutralise them.

You can use them indoors – in homes and offices, retail shops, shopping malls, restaurants – or outdoors. Ecolo’s galvanised steel casings mean they are weather-proof – even in the harshest winters.

Or in the thick of summer. Just add cold water if all your customers need in the heat is a few blasts of refreshing, cool mist.



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