IT IS hard to overstate the importance of safe, healthy indoor air these days. In the United States, indoor air pollution has been named one of the top environmental problems to be tackled by the Environmental Protection Agency.

And it’s not just the kind of fresh air you find in the great outdoors that people are after today. Consumers and businesses have already begun demanding cleaner air from their kitchen exhaust filtration systems, heating, ventilation, & air-conditioning (HVAC) systems – and other areas where polluted, poor quality air can hurt not only people, but also profits.

These hundreds of air pollutants are invisible, but their damage is real. People are starting to know this, too – visit any electronics store and you’ll find dozens of household products that claim to filter these contaminants for you – allergens, bacteria, viruses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as formaldehyde and benzene.


The weather inside can be pretty frightful, too

But can they really do what they say? And how to choose anyway – between one shiny machine and another?

We’ve done the legwork for you.

As an industry leader, we keep ourselves at the forefront of technology. We continually work with air quality experts to bring you what we believe are some of  the best air cleaners in the world – including our exclusive Daikin Photocatalytic Air Purifier, which uses a patented technology that traps micro-allergens, and destroys even the most resistant of bacteria and viruses.

We’ve taken some great products, and made them even better.

Working with our partners from all over the globe, we’ve designed a line of ceiling mounted air cleaners and  kitchen exhaust electrostatic cleaners that are so effective, they’re being used in restaurants and offices in countries as near as Malaysia, and as far as the Middle East.

To explore AOM’s full range of air-cleaning solutions, click here or call our Singapore office at +65 6286 3333.

These days, safe, healthy air is increasingly becoming a priority for everyone. That’s good for us, and better for you and your loved ones.


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