Air pollution hits Jakarta and Hong Kong

ON MONDAY, two nearby cities came under the spotlight for bad air quality – Hong Kong and Jakarta.

In Hong Kong, the authorities say it was the worst level of pollution this year so far. For a city that has been battling bad air quality for a while now, it’s yet another hit to its reputation as Asia’s financial centre.

Experts say the increasingly high pollution index readings this year are due to the rising number of vehicles on the city’s already congested roads. For local citizens and foreign businesses, the pollution levels compromise the quality of life – surveys have continuously found that the city’s pollution is hurting its competitiveness, undermining its role as a financial centre as some executives relocate due to health concerns.

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In Jakarta, the Indonesian capital is also facing pollution issues. Most people working there now are sporting face masks – which can help filter out some airborne particulate matter but not all.

A report by the Community for Leaded Gasoline Eradication (KPBB) in July last year indicated that air pollution in the capital was relatively high in particulate parameters.

For Jakarta, the city administration has set 150 ug/m3 for the PM10 parameter. Although the pollution levels in the city are low in certain areas as per the agency’s standard, other areas slightly exceed the WHO guideline numbers.

The current administration of Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is keen to add more green spaces in the capital. The governor has promised to increase green spaces during his first five-year term from its current level of 10 percent to at least 20 percent of the city’s 662-square-kilometer area.

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