What does mold have to do with PMS and depression?

THIS is something that’s new to us – which in a way is awesome because it’s always great to learn something new!

Turns out, mold exposure can affect premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and depression!

The post was written put up this week by a mold specialist in Hive Health Media, a blog. According to Helen Marino, mycotoxins produced by mold are not only associated with a variety of health conditions related to the respiratory tract including asthma and allergic reactions (This we knew).

Recent studies have also linked it to lesser-known complications, which includes PMS and depression.

Depending on the area of the brain that is impacted, mycotoxin-based inflammatory reactions can impact your vision and speech.

They can also impact your ability to focus and communicate. By altering your brain chemistry, the toxins can lead patients can experience chronic fatigue, brain fog, aggressive behavior, irritation, insomnia and anxiety among other things.

Other mycotoxins may inhibit your immune system and cause sugar cravings in your body, which in turn, promote the proliferation of pathogens within your body.

If you’re not scared already (We are), read on… The full blog post can be found here.


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