Luxury Hotels Use ‘Scent Memory’ to Lure Guests

YET another report has emerged this week about the luxury market and the scenting industry.

In the exclusive by 4Hoteliers. an industry news site, the story echoes pretty much what we’ve been saying about scent marketing since we went into this business:

It’s a great way to make a lasting impression.

To read the full story, click here.

The report gives some great details about some of the scents used by some top-tier hotels around the world. Such as the Marti Instanbul Hotel, which uses a “white tea” scent to perfume its indoor environment. At Dukes St. James, London, guests are welcomed with smells of hyacinth and bluebells.

Here at AOM, we’ve got hundreds of scents to choose from – some of our most recent additions (Balancing, Summer Blossom, White Woods) have already been snapped up for exclusive use in Singapore.

What signature scent would you want for your home or company? We’re happy to help lend a whiff or two.



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