Just follow your nose to the malls


MALLS in Singapore are going big on luring customers in – by their noses, according to a recent Sunday Times’ report. (See attached report above)

We knew this. In fact we think it’s really a matter of time – remember when Famous Amos cookies first came to Singapore touting “free smells”? These days there’s Garrett’s popcorn… and what else?

Businesses who are missing out on this sensory bait is missing out on a lucrative marketing philosophy adopted by an increasing number of firms all over the world.

There are no official data to support this, but just at AOM alone, our list of commercial and consumer clients are growing some 20 per cent every year.

Recently, our scent clients include Marina Bay Sands and Abercrombie & Fitch in Orchard Road. That’s right – whether you’re walking in the lobby of the Marina Bay  Sands hotel, or around its casino, when you breathe in that soft, soothing scent reminiscent of fresh wood and flowers, that’s AOM’s scent delivery systems at work.

Our scent systems are fully computer-controlled and can be customized to work in any space configuration.

To learn more about how ambient scenting has helped other businesses, check out our link here.

For a free, no-risk consultation on how scents can improve your business and brand recall with customers, call us at +65 6 286 3333.


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