New directions for indoor air quality

WHAT are the most urgent indoor environmental challenges we face today?

This was one of the questions posed to Marilyn Black, the founder of non-profit Greenguard in a recent interview with EcoBuildingPulse, an online magazine on eco-homes and the environment.

What we found most interesting in the interview was that she said requirements for energy efficiency are often at odds with indoor environmental quality.

Reducing outdoor air ventilation often results in elevated chemical levels that can be harmful to occupants. You do have to ventilate it right, but you also have to use the right low-emitting materials.

If you put in materials emitting high levels of pollutants, it does not matter how much you ventilate.

The key is a achieving a balance between energy efficiency and good indoor air quality, and making sure you use low-emitting, nontoxic products.

She also points out the need for better technological tools to assess indoor homes. We agree.

To read the full interview, click here.


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