A call to action for better indoor air pollution research

FORBES magazine this week published a speech by d.light social enterprise chief Donn Tice.

In the speech, delivered to the Skoll World Forum on social entrepreneurship, he argued the need for more transparent and better research on Indoor Air Pollution.

He said:  “A massive global problem and the second-largest driver of global warming, IAP causes over 3.5 million needless deaths each year, mainly in the developing world, and has a disproportionate impact on women and children.

“Indoor air pollution has been the focus of good research  – up to a point.”

In calling for more research on this issue, Tice hopes more research will lead to better public policy to face this environmental hazard.

Well, at AOM, we support the move for more transparency and research too.

The more empowered we are, the more able we can find the best solutions for our customers.

The more empowered you are, the more you can take charge of your health.

Sounds to us like a win-win situation.




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