China entrepreneurs cash in on air pollution

HEARD of canned air?

That’s what some clever businessmen are giving out as a publicity stunt following weeks of bad news about Beijing’s air quality.

The Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday that the unprecedented wave of pollution throughout China has spawned an almost entirely new industry.

From gigantic domes that keep out pollution to face masks with fancy fiber filters, and  purifiers, Chinese businesses are trying to find a way to market that most elusive commodity: clean air.

Not since the 2003 epidemic of SARS have face masks been such hot sellers.

The newspaper went on to say that many manufacturers are reporting record sales of devices varying from high-tech neoprene masks with exhalation valves to cheap cloth masks.

Many distributors are also reporting panic buying of air purifiers.

In China, home air purifiers range from $15 gizmos that look like night lights to handsome $6,000 wood-finished models that are supplied to the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party and to other leadership facilities.

Read the full report here.


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