Perfume for babies? D&G to release “tot scent”

IN A recent episode of Modern Family, Claire picks up Gloria’s newborn and cannot stop smelling it.

Babies smell so good like this for only a few months, she says.

Well, when children lose their new-baby smell, parents can now buy it in a bottle and spritz it all over their gurgling bundles.

On Wednesday, fashion mavens Dolce and Gabbana say they are planning to release a new “Tot Scent” – an alcohol-free blend of melon, honey and citrus, reported Today, an American morning news show.

The delicate scent of a newborn is often an intoxicating aroma and apparently a strong source of inspiration for luxury designer brands.

Bvlgari, Burberry and L’Occitane all have their own versions of children’s perfumes, marketing to moms who just can’t get enough of that blend of sweet breath and innocence splashed with a dash of baby powder and diaper cream.

Similar to the Dolce and Gabbana scent, the Bvlgari Petites et Mamans Eau de Toilette contains citrus notes as well as chamomile and talc.

Burberry Baby Touch also includes citrus in the blend, but adds notes of wild mint, rhubarb jelly plus a dash of milk.

As a scent marketing tool, this is ingenious. At AOM, some of our top fragrances evoke freshly clean linen and soft baby powder.

But to use it on a baby? That, we’ll not so sure. What do you think?


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