How do you protect your home from what you can’t see?

A LITTLE news report from Duluth, Minnesota (of all places!) caught our eye today – because it asked a question we hear very often at AOM.

When it comes to indoor air, how to you protect against what you can’t see?

I know, it seems tough. In fact it’s easy as pie.

Here are the tips our friends in the north have to recommend:

  • Start by ensuring no one smokes inside, as smoke contains nicotine, toxic chemicals and carcinogenic agents
  • Take care of water leaks immediately to prevent mold and mildew. Get a de-humidifier
  • Emissions from gas stoves can worsen asthma. Switch to electric
  • Choose safe household cleaners that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Organic and non-toxic products don’t irritate your eyes, nose and throat

What else?

Here’s a word you’ll want to keep in mind: Ventilate.

No matter how many steps you take to prevent indoor air pollution, your home is subject to inevitable sources of pollutants.

Sometimes hidden dangers are the most menacing. But you can breathe more easily by preventing and removing pollutants in your home.

Proper ventilation is your best defence.


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