Use Scent Marketing to Triple Your Company’s Revenue

DON’T believe us? Consider these real-life cases* – where in at least one scenario, sales went up by 300%:

  • A supermarket in NYC installed scent machines on the walls to infuse the store with aromas of foods, such as grapefruit & chocolate. Sales went up at least 7% afterwards.
  • In one study, two identical pairs of shoes were placed in two identical rooms (one scented with a floral fragrance, the other not). By an 84% margin, customers preferred the shoes in the scented room, and estimated their value to be on average $10.33 higher than the identical shoes in the unscented room.
  • In the mid-90s, Dr Alan R. Hirsch conducted an experiment with scented and unscented slot machine areas in a Las Vegas casino. He found that the amount gambled in the scented area increased by more than 45%.
  • A convenience store that started pumping the smell of coffee near the gas pumps saw coffee purchases jump 300%.
  • One study found that shoppers were more willing to help strangers outside of a bakery than a clothing store. Another found people were more willing to help when in the presence of appealing scents like roasting coffee or baking cookies.
  • Researchers from Northumbria University found that subjects performing various information processing tasks did so faster and more accurately when their cubicle was diffused with of rosemary essential oil.
  • Volunteers in one study performed puzzle-solving tasks 17% faster after exposure to floral fragrances.
  • According to another study, people can remember a scent and its related memory with 65% accuracy after 12 months, while visual recall was only 50% accurate after just four months.
  • 63% of MRI patients who inhaled a vanilla aroma reported reduced anxiety before a procedure, compared to just 4% of patients who didn’t, according to one study.

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