Could my child have a mold allergy?

DR CHRISTOPHER Chang, a regular blogger for website, wrote on Wednesday about the health risks of mold.

Mold, as we all know, is unwanted and usually unpleasant, and often associated with damp basements, walls and carpets, dirty bathroom grout and musty smells.

But, as Dr Chang says, mold isn’t all bad. Without it, we wouldn’t have penicillin, blue cheese, bread, beer, wine or edible mushrooms!

The health risks – such as allergies – involved in exposure to mold, however, can still get pretty bad.

In the blog post, Dr Chang says these include:

Have you noticed feeling any of these symptoms lately?

Dr Chang goes on to say:

Although cleaning mold can cause it to become airborne, we recommend removing it because it could be a reservoir for allergens.

Humidity and water leaks can cause rapid reproduction and spread of the mold as well as other allergens, so it is wise to address the source of moisture that is helping the mold to thrive.

We totally agree.

The key to getting rid of mold is keeping things as dry as possible. You can run a dehumidifier in damp areas, get rid of carpeting and wallpaper in bathrooms and basements. Good luck!


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