Use scent marketing to keep customers coming back for more

SCENT marketing is how businesses are getting customers to remember them – much like that pretty girl in the office that smells like spring flowers.

But what type of smells to go for? Isn’t smell subjective – what’s good to me may not be what will draw your customers in.

Sure, but there are some rules that anyone thinking of going into scent marketing can go by:

First, use a scent that is subtle.

A good strategy is to use a scent that works in the background, that is, one that takes time to be noticed by the customer as it is will not irritate or tire the customer.

Second, use a scent that is as natural as possible – natural scents are mostly mild.

Therefore, using extremely high degree of scent concentration will appear unnatural and exaggerated in the mind of the customer and may bring contrary outcome.

At AOM, we like to put together what we call a scent benchmark team – that gives feedback on how mild or strong a scent is.

And third, use a scent that’s special.

The purpose of using scent is to enhance a unique identity. Therefore, using a scent already common in the market just doesn’t make sense.

AOM’s Prolitec delivery system and cartridges have hundreds of scents to choose from – citrus, pine, fresh linen, you name it.

Many of our clients have also worked with us to produce their own unique scent.

Intrigued? Give us a call. We’ll always happy to help. Smell ya later!


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