Air Quality Worsens Across Middle-East and Asia

EVEN NASA has an opinion about air quality these days – probably because of so many cities coming under fire for bad air lately.

Environmental news blog Treehugger reported on Jan 21 that NASA has been monitoring nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels across the Middle-East and a portion of Asia with the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) on its Aura satellite.

And it doesn’t look so good. Many big cities appear to be having a pretty rough time with their air quality.

Bad air quality during the winter is usually caused by a few factors that combined, said Treehugger.

First, cold weather means that people and power plants (ie. coal) are burning more fuel to heat buildings, so emissions are higher.

But winter can also mean more frequent temperature ‘inversions’, with the ground level air being colder than the air higher in the atmosphere, trapping pollutants over cities.

You know, if the air outside is bad, it may be time to check the air you’re breathing indoors too.

The weather inside can be pretty frightful, too!


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