Mold could be making you sick – without you knowing it

YOU may be suffering from the effects of mold – without even realizing it.

Mold may not be seen as a threat by many homeowners, but experts have estimated that mold may be present in up to 25% of homes, and 40% of American schools, reported health news website Natural Society this month.

The growing prevalence of house mold and mold in schools may lead to an increase in respiratory disease and other rare life-threatening conditions.

In 2010, Fisk et al published a meta-analysis showing a substantially significant association between residential dampness and mold with respiratory infections and bronchitis. Some mycotoxins (toxic substances produced by mold) are actually far more toxic than more common toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides, the society said.

With mold being more prevalent than most people might suspect, there’s a chance you could be exposed to it without even realizing.

Worse, you don’t even have to smell the tell-tale musty odor for mold to be present.

Because it can vary in appearance and grow behind walls and appliances, it sometimes goes undetected until someone becomes ill.

If you think you have mold, don’t wait. Call +65 286 3333 and speak to one of our mold specialists today.


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