Living Smart: Mold Testing & Remediation

CONSUMER writer Angie Hicks wrote in the Miami Herald today that in the interest of the consumer – mold testing and remediation should be done by separate parties.

This makes sense – because as she said, there’s a huge conflict of interest.

As one consultant Hicks spoke to, Tom Alford, put it: “The more stuff a (mold remediation) contractor finds wrong, the more he gets paid.”

In fact there are only a handful of states in the United States that require this separation of duties: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas and Virginia either have mold licensing requirements or laws in place that prevent or severely limit the ability of a contractor to offer both testing and remediation.

In most states – as it is the case in Singapore, including us – the same company that inspects and tests for mold can also be the same company that does the remediation.

Hicks goes on to say:

At the very least, homeowners who can’t find a separate tester and remediator should ensure that the person who does the testing sends the samples off to an independent, accredited laboratory for verification and request the lab sends the results back to the homeowner, before allowing any work to be done.

Well, that’s what we do at AOM – all our samples are sent to an independent lab in the US for testing.

We’re not too concerned about this separation – though it makes sense – because at AOM, our focus is on making sure you get the right advice and solution for your problems.

If you don’t need our professional services, we’re always happy to just lend an ear, give you our thoughts, and direct you to the nearest DIY store. True story!





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