Mexico City Bike Riders Protest Air Quality

JUST when we thought the air in Mexico City was getting better, we found this on the news today:

Two men and two women rode topless down Mexico City’s main boulevard this week to protest the health effects of the city’s ongoing pollution problem, Associated Press reported.

The cyclists had painted their bodies with the outlines of diseased lungs and other internal organs they say are affected by car-caused pollution.

They also encouraged residents to use bicycles instead of cars; the protest was sponsored by children’s and bicycle rights groups.

To be fair, the city has made progress since the mid-1990s, when air quality was unacceptable almost every day of the year.

Now, the city has unacceptable amounts of ozone or other contaminants on about half the days.

AP said that while the amounts of ozone, carbon monoxide and other pollutants such as lead have declined dramatically, the city hasn’t made much headway against suspended particles since the mid-2000s.


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