5 Shocking Sources of Indoor Air Pollution & How to Rid Them

HEALTH website SteadyHealth this week offer five tips to better your indoor air quality – by zeroing in on some surprising pollutants you may not have thought of.

Top of the list is something we at AOM have warned against time and again: Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs.

Almost everyone knows that paint, lacquers, paint strippers and similar DIY supplies are not good to breathe in. Many common household products, including cleaning materials, moth repellents and air fresheners, can also contain VOCs.

These items can emit VOCs even when they are stored, not just immediately after use, said SteadyHealth.

To reduce VOC levels in your home, always open windows while you are cleaning the house, or keep them open for as long as you can.

Here’s another tip: Make sure young children don’t sleep or play in areas where you are working with toxic products.

To read more about how you can test your home or office for VOCs and reduce their levels, check out our website for a full range of air cleaners and purifiers.

Or leave us a message and your contact number on the comments box below. We’ll be in touch!


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