How whiffs and riffs can change shopping habits

THERE are all sorts of ways that stores try to maximize customer spending – two of the biggest, according to Smart Planet this week, involve music and scents featured in the retail environment.

When it comes to smells, stores need to use something that smells good, but that’s not quite enough, the tech news site said in the report.

Eric Spangenberg, the dean of the college of business at Washington State University, told Smart Planet: “A pleasant odor that’s too complex distracts people from the task of shopping, and it puts their cognitive attention towards the task of smell.”

The best stores give shoppers smells and sounds that are strong enough to detect but subtle enough not to distract. The goal is to get them looking at the merchandise.

Because really, Spangenberg said, store managers don’t want the shopper to be thinking about the music (unless they are in a music store) or trying to identify a particular small (unless someone is at a perfume counter).

AOM has a full range of scent delivery systems and hundred of scents to choose from. Some of our best clients include Abercrombie & Fitch and Marina Bay Sands.

To learn more about our scent solutions, click here or call +65 62863333. Smell ya later!


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