‘Mexsicko’ City Turns a Corner in its Clean Air Marathon

THIS megacity of more than 20 million rang in the New Year with a pleasant revelation: the region registered 248 days in 2012 in which the air quality considered good, reported the New York Times on its Green Blog yesterday.

In the blog post, the writer described Mexico City as “an aspiring environmental model citizen” in recent years as its government introduced “everything from barter markets for recyclables to bicycle-sharing arrangements to zero emissions bus corridors”.

The 2012 results were recorded by the federal district government, and are in line with a trend of improvement.

In a region once disparaged as “Mexsicko City,” the skies have cleared sufficiently to change perceptions of a place once considered one of the most contaminated in the world, NYT said.

Though it has done a lot to go green, activists say it is the clearing of the air that has burnished the local government’s environmental credentials the most.

This was especially given that other Mexican cities like Guadalajara and Monterrey regularly register days with worse air quality than the capital’s.

Clearing up the air is a great place to start – hopefully, the city can also do more to increase the public’s awareness of the quality of air indoors as well.


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