Global Indoor Health Network releases new paper on IAQ

AMERICAN non-profit, Global Indoor Health Network, has released a new position paper about the burden of indoor air contaminants on the financial costs of poor indoor air.

The paper explores the impact of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the health of society and the global economy. The group said on its website last month:

It is staggering to comprehend the enormous impact on our global society as literally millions of individuals and families are  harmed by contaminants inside our homes, schools and workplaces.

The financial costs  are equally staggering with estimates in the hundreds of billions of dollars, the non-profit said, adding that the statistics  presented in the paper should “catch the attention of every physician, every lawmaker and every layperson”.

We agree that it’s time for not just world leaders, but every person to take charge of the air they breathe. Go to your local grassroots organisation and ask how you can help spread awareness of the potential health risks to poor indoor air.

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