3 ways to improve indoor air quality

BLOGGER Robin from Thank Your Body today has three tips to improve your indoor air quality – thanks Robin!

The first: Open your windows

Circulating fresh, outdoor air through your home not only removes stale air but it also moves pollutants out. It brings in fresh oxygen and makes your home feel better really fast.

Next: Go green – house plants to the rescue!

And lastly: Ditch the toxic chemicals

As Robin says, many household items and products can give out harmful gases that can wreck your health.

That’s one reason why products – such as our star product, Gelair (made from organic, all natural tea tree oil) – used by AOM have all been checked to be safe for humans.

Putting Gelair into your air-conditioning system can kill up to 99.9% of all airborne contaminants.

It’s also fuss-free: No service, maintenance or breakdown issues whatsoever!

Learn more about Gelair at our product website here.


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